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Our frame range is often admired for its originality and colour.  Catriona and her dispensing team regularly see sales representatives from our favoured companies (almost every week in fact!) and take a great deal of time and care selecting the latest fashions and styles.

Frames are considered on a one by one basis, each looked at for shape, colour, details and most importantly comfort and reliability.  We firmly believe in dispensing frames that we ourselves or members of our families would wear and you will often find us trying on new styles and testing out their wearability!
Frames are usually sold from stock so that we can constantly keep our eyewear new and exciting with the latest fashions shining through. Our good relationships with our suppliers and in fact some of the designers, mean that we can swap out any products that are not doing as well as hoped and we try to make sure we never have discontinued styles on the shelves.

We have a diverse range of frames, from high street designers like Chloe, Longchamp and Nike to hand-made frames that specialise in being high quality and more unusual in style.  These frames are mostly designed and made in Europe.

Our Anniversary Collection is made from Mazzachelli Acetate, the highest grade of acetate used in ophthalmic frames, in Athens by a family owned business. This collection has been designed, chosen and named by our team to reflect the core styles and colours prominent in current fashion.  The frames all have a solid, quality feel to them and are available in muted classic colours such as tortoiseshell and stone.

JFRey and Boz eyewear are designed by Jean Francois Rey from Marseilles in the south of France.  These are the frames that get us excited!  When a new delivery arrives, everyone gathers around to see their beauty and they all get looked at and tried on with great interest.

Our Dispensing Opticians will always try their best to find you something that both fits you, suits you and your personality.  We will spend the time you need with you to get it right.

August 2019