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How does this affect his eyes?

Sitting for a long time concentrating his attention and vision on minute pieces of plastic, painting them, and making them fit where they should was becoming a bit of a strain and he was on the verge of giving it all up and finding a different hobby. Having dismissed bungee jumping and hang-gliding he decided to give us a call to see if there was another answer.  We told him about Taskmaster from Adlens, a new innovative alternative to varifocals, designed and produced in Oxford. Taskmaster consists of two lenses that the user slides backwards and forwards to switch between focuses.  It means that whether in Outdoor, Social or Near setting one gets the whole lens to see through so when concentrating for a long time on a task the eyes are rested and have the best vision possible. Obviously,  Graham took our advice and ordered a pair there and then!  

How we helped

The result is Graham has kept his everyday varifocals for speed and ease of use and now has a pair of Adlens Taskmasters for his model making.  He’s also found they’re very useful for driving and lots of other activities, although we don’t think he’s gone down the bungee jumping route!