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Contact lenses, your invisible friend

At Melina Joy Opticians we fit many different types of contact lenses including specialist and OrthoK lenses.

Whether you would like to wear contact lenses as your main vision correction or just on special occasions we are likely to have an option for you.  Most prescriptions are now suitable for contact lens correction and even if you tried to get contact lenses in the past and couldn’t there may now be an option that is suitable for you.

Ask our optometrists about contact lenses and the options that would work best for you and they will be able to suggest the most suitable option whether that be soft, rigid or OrthoK.

What is a contact lens fitting like?

At your contact lens fitting we will examine the front surface of your eye (cornea) to make sure your eyes are in good shape to wear contacts.  We will take accurate maps of the cornea using corneal topography (link) and then select the most suitable lens for your eyes.

We have many test lenses in stock and usually we will be able to put in a comfortable lens with great vision on the day.  Once we have checked that the lenses fit well and the vision is good then we will show you how to put the lenses in and take them out as well as look after them.

We will then make sure you have enough lenses for a trial period (typically two weeks) and you will take the lenses away and enjoy getting used to your new lenses.

You will then return for a check up to ensure that the lenses have been comfortable and the vision is good as well as a further check on the health of your eyes.

As you continue to wear contact lenses you will need to return for regular contact lens aftercare appointments as well as your normal eye examinations.


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Get it in perspective

We have two eyeballs in order to give us depth perception - comparing two images allows us to determine how far away an object is.