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Hearing Service

Hearing Service

Melina Joy Opticians now provide a full Hearing Service through Worthington Hearing, who has a clinic at our practice every Tuesday.

Worthington Hearing believe that your hearing is just as important as your sight and should be treated the same, “you should look after your hearing in the same way you look after your eyes”.

Worthington Hearing recommend regular annual ‘Hearing Health Checks’ for everyone over 40 years of age, and these are provided free of charge.

Our associate, Mr Peter Worthington - in conjunction with ourselves - will be offering a customer focussed, professional Hearing Healthcare Service at our practice as follows:

  • Our staff are now trained and are able to offer Free Hearing Screening Checks at all times
  • Full Hearing Health Check by Mr Worthington; book your free consultation today
  • Provision of Private Hearing aids: with newest technology available
    • Pair of digital, programmable hearing aids for just £795
    • OR top of the range (we can provide some of the best products available in the UK today) e.g. they link in with all sound devices around the home including your mobile phone
    • Invisible deep in the canal aids
    • Receiver in the ear (open fit hearing aids)
  • Hearing aid accessories: Batteries, Wax guards, Remote controls etc.
  • All make service and repair
  • Tinnitus range of aidable devices and accessories
  • Tinnitus advice and management by a BTA (British Tinnitus Association) professional: Mr Worthington
  • Micro-suction wax removal; painless procedure, usually wax removed relatively quickly (for full details refer; website)
  • Ear/hearing protection & Noise management : Swimming, Flying, Sleeping, Shooting, Musicians and overall Noise protection for home or industry

For any of the Hearing Services we can book you an appointment to speak to Mr Worthington.  Please contact us on 01435 868181 to arrange, there is no charge for the consultations or advice and certainly no obligation to purchase, so why not book for your free hearing review.

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