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As Melina Joy Opticians is an independent practice we can source lenses from any manufacturer but our preferred suppliers are Rodenstock and Essilor, both of which offer superb quality and excellent customer services.

Different lens types give different solutions, advantages and disadvantages. Commonly single vision, bifocal and varifocal. Most lenses can be made thinner and lighter, tinted, coated to reduce glare usually associated with driving or coated to help reduce damage from blue light.

Single vision lenses are a simple corrective option for people needing help with one focus/focal length, either distance, intermediate or near.  Single vision lenses have one prescription across their entire surface.

A bifocal lens is split into two distinct sections, usually one is for distance vision and the other for near vision but this can be adjusted to any prescription.  The wearer benefits from two clearly defined areas but the division between the lenses creates a visible line which isn’t to everyone’s taste.

A varifocal (also called multifocal or progressive) doesn’t have a line across the lens but the power changes gradually, allowing the wearer to see at any distance.  Varifocal lenses will always have some distortion at the edges but new technology and better lens designs from Essilor and Rodenstock minimise these.

Varifocal lens design is a rapidly changing market with lens laboratories investing vast amounts of time and technology to ensure everybody has the choice to wear lenses as close to natural vision as possible. 

Our qualified Dispensing Opticians are here to advise you on what is available, discuss your needs and recommend a solution.  There are lots of products with seemingly endless combinations possible.  At Melina Joy Opticians we understand that having a friendly professional guide you through is a must and will always to try to advise you with the best solution.

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