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Our team of Dispensing Opticians are all fully qualified and will be able to advise you on the best combinations for you.  Our approach to lenses is much the same as our approach to choosing frames, we want to find the answer that is right for you.

We take the time to discover what it is you do in your daily life and what you really like to do in your spare time (often very different!). Just like with shoes, there is rarely one type of spectacle lens that will work for every situation so we try to delve a little deeper and find you the best solution possible.


As an independent practice, at Melina Joy Opticians our Dispensing team have the freedom to choose lenses from any laboratory in the world. As well as the usual single vision or varifocal options, we have access to occupational lenses. For example, there are lenses that are designed for driving but also allow you to see your dashboard clearly or lenses that are designed to give you your best vision when sat at a desk, looking at a computer, these will help to reduce fatigue. Having a thorough understanding of these products allows manipulation. Being able to dispense these lenses for different tasks and situations is a great skill within the team.

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New products are constantly being launched and here at Melina Joy Opticians we pride ourselves on being, not only aware of them, but fully informed about them as soon as possible. In fact, we are often chosen by our lens suppliers as a practice to launch new products, testing the market, because we have a reputation within our area for being proactive and eager to learn new technology.

Our small yet elite team are here to make your eyewear experience an effortless one. We offer appointment based dispensing services to allow us to spend quality time with each and every one of our patients.

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Our Dispensing Opticians will help you with the best possible options

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