We have joined with The Hearing Care Partnership, a family-owned and family-run independent hearing care provider who offer free hearing tests, digital hearing aids, specialist hearing protection and hearing care services.  Our audiologist, Antonio Vas Falcao, has regular weekly clinics with us.

If you are over 50, you should have your hearing tested just as regularly as your eyes or your teeth.

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Early signs of hearing loss include watching TV too loud for others in the room, finding it harder to hear what’s said in a busy environment such as a café, event or meeting.  Perhaps you’re finding it difficult to understand a conversation on the phone or having to concentrate more to understand soft or low voices.

Sound familiar?  Or does this remind you of a family member or friend?  Now’s the time to book a free hearing assessment.  Call us on 01435 868181 to arrange an appointment or visit HERE



Wax Removal

Eva, our fully qualified audiologist, is trained to try to remove ear wax simply and safely using one of three methods. Which method is best for you will depend upon the level of wax build-up and pre-existing ear conditions you may have. She will explain everything in detail before using any removal method.

A wax removal appointment is subject to a flat fee of £70, regardless of the method used, or whether wax is removed from one ear, both ears or no wax is found.

Please note: For one week prior to your appointment, please use oil or ear drops daily. This helps soften the wax and makes it easier to remove, so the process is as comfortable as possible when you visit

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Please be aware that all hearing services are for over 18s only. We recommend if there are hearing concerns for a child that you seek a referral from a GP to your local NHS Audiology service, as depending on the age they will have a wider range of tests available to suit each child’s abilities. If an onward referral to the Ear, Nose & Throat department is then required this will be a quicker process to be completed.
We are only able to provide wax removal and hearing protection services for over 18s due to insurance and regulatory body requirements. We recommend if this service is required for a child under the age of 18 you seek a referral from a GP to your local NHS or private Ear, Nose & Throat service.