Do you fancy a pair of sunglasses? Do you wonder why you should get a pair of sunglasses? Do you wonder if your children should get sunglasses? Or do you wear glasses all the time and wonder what your options are?

We know that being out in the sun without adequate protection like applying sun cream or wearing a hat could cause damage to our skin but not everyone is aware that UV rays can harm eyes.

As well as glare, sunglasses protect our eyes from the harmful effects of UV light.  There are three types of UV: UVA, which is linked to cataract formation, skin cancer and /or retinal damage; UVB, which can damage the clear layers at the front of the eye such as the cornea, conjunctiva, or crystalline lens; and UVC which is absorbed by the ozone layer and does not reach the earth. 

It is important to ensure that any sunglasses you buy fit well to give the ultimate protection and carry a CE mark. Sunglasses should meet British Standards BSEN 1836:2005.

Children’s eyes need protecting from the sun’s rays just as much as adults’ eyes do.

There are various options for sunglass lenses including polarised lenses, that are the only true anti -glare option, photochromic lenses that darken when exposed to sunshine or tinted lenses that can be coated with a mirror to help reflect glare from the user.

At Melina Joy Opticians we stock more than sixty Maui Jim sunglasses, our premium brand.  All Maui Jim sunnies feature polarised lenses with or without a mirrored finish and can be bought as they are, modified to have the colour combinations you would prefer or supplied with your prescription, single vision or multifocal.

We also stock a smaller range of Zeal sunglasses, an alternative brand supplied by Maui Jim, which are mostly wrapped designs, more often dispensed for sporting activities, such as sailing or golf.

Lots of our spectacle frames can be made as prescription sunglasses, some models are more appropriate than others.  There really is a huge amount of choice and our Dispensing Opticians will take the time to advise you on what style or design is best suited to your needs.