We will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday 27th May

I’m just the chatty Irish person.  In clinic I am well supported by two permanent Optometrists – David Summers and Tom Collicott.

David has been at Melina Joy Opticians for over eleven years and is the practice lead in contact lenses for both standard and complex fits.

Tom is the newer team member and in his time with Melina Joy Opticians, his experience and knowledge of macular disease has driven the acquisition of OCT scanning technology to improve our ability to detect and monitor macular degeneration as well as other conditions.

As you can see we have very capable people and excellent clinicians at Melina Joy Opticians, and we are proud to offer the very best service.  I am just one of three and we all have access to your notes and history.

So remember: Don’t leave that emergency, that urgent eye test, query or contact lens problem for your favourite clinician to return from holiday or to have space in their clinic – have it looked at immediately by one of our GREAT team.

November 2018