What is Optical Coherence Tomography?

Utilising the very latest in eye scanning technologies called Optical Coherence Tomography, our OCT scan provides a non-invasive imaging method allowing detailed visualisation beneath the retinal surface to detect any abnormalities in the different retinal layers.

OCT Scanning allows our optometrists to detect any abnormalities in the different retinal layers, to analyse these and to monitor any changes over time to ensure a better preservation of sight.

Regular monitoring is key to the process as changes in the back of the eye often happen very subtly and slowly – often without causing any symptoms. As such the many retinal layers should be monitored periodically with check-up scans to detect any changes from your initial base line exam.

 What can I expect from the OCT scan?

The scan itself takes only a matter of seconds. It is totally non-invasive, so nothing touches your eye so it’s pain and discomfort free.  You will be asked to place your chin on the rest and look at a light, which may be moved according to the area scanned.

The 2D & 3D HD-Scans are analysed and interpreted by specialised on board clinical diagnostic software. The results are immediate so you do not have to wait.

  • It could save your vision
  • Screens for the early detection of the major causes of blindness including; Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular Degeneration and more…
  • Detect and diagnose conditions sooner, allowing for earlier intervention & treatment
  • Provides an increased chance of better outcomes for your ocular health and in turn your overall health.

 Please speak to our optometrists if you have any other questions.