Soft options: finding the right contact lenses for you

We can provide custom fitted soft contact lenses for a huge range of eye shapes and prescriptions but most people are able to wear a disposable lens design that gives excellent comfort and vision.

Daily disposable contact lenses are worn for just a single day and then thrown away with no need to clean or store the lenses, they are especially convenient if you don’t want to wear contact lenses every day as you always have a fresh pair of lenses.

Reusable lenses have to be cleaned and disinfected using a suitable solution when you take them out.  This is not difficult to do and reusable lenses are commonly disposed of after a month or fourteen days depending on the type.  Reusable lenses are available in a wider range of prescriptions than daily disposable lenses and most people will be able to get a lens in their prescription.

Soft contact lenses are made from a range of different materials, all with varying properties.  They can include a UV block, extra lubrication or be breathable.

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