What is a visual field test?

This test provides important information about the function of your brain, retina and optic nerve.

Visual fields testing analyses changes to the sensitivity of the centre and periphery of the eyes caused by glaucoma, diabetes or strokes.

The exam is mandatory for re-application to the DVLA for driving licence.
Under current UK law if you need spectacles (or contact lenses) to meet the ‘standard of vision for driving’ you must wear them whenever you are driving – or you could be fined, receive penalty points or be disqualified from driving.

For more information regarding the current DVLA driving eyesight rules can be found here.

During the test you will have to look at a little spot on the centre of the visual field screening machine and then push a button when you see the target (small white light) appear somewhere else on the screen.  The test is completely painless, non-invasive and does not require drops so you will be able to drive afterwards.

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